Saturday, December 17

Party of 5

My friend Julie is an awesome photographer. She did our family pictures a few weeks ago and we are so happy with the results! I was CONVINCED that every picture would look how this first one did... but worse. I even had a nightmare about it a few days before we got the pics back. haha
It was cold and poor Courtney was a little ice cube by the end (which is when this picture was taken) there was a lot of tick tacks, whining and a lot of snot...but I think we ended up with some cute ones! I actually love this first one here when she is crying. She was sooo done. Thanks Julie! Check her stuff out!


Meagan said...

I am DYING OVER THESE PICTURES!!!! ahhhh sooo adorable! And Natalie's hair?? Getting SO long!!! THat first pic with Courtney crying...oh my. I love the colors you picked. I love your smile. I love it all!

Meagan Cooper said...

Jeni, your family is adorable! I love the pink and blue, You look so pretty in them all! Miss you!

Alysha said...

Super cute. Makes me jealous that it's GREEN there ;)