Monday, December 5

What's in a name...

I have never asked for approval, or asked what people think of my sons nickname. Boots.

Obviously he was born and we legally named the kid Stephen Tony after his 2 grandfathers. They are both amazing men and so we thought he deserved a special name. At first I was reluctant to call a baby Stephen. It seemed very mature, but then it slowly became the right thing.
Well, shortly after he was born, I'm talking weeks, Brian came up with the nickname boots. Natalie was into Dora at the time and as you may or may not know, her sidekick is boots the monkey. I don't think this is what Brian had in mind when assigning the nickname, but as it just so happens I would Definitely compare our boots to a monkey. He is crazy, climbs everything, gets into everything, is curious, and is just so stinkin adorable!

Thinking that this nickname would never stick, I of course joined in with the crowds and call him boots. Everyone at church knows him as boots, his soccer team calls him boots(they actually never knew his real name), and the list goes on. Brian, Natalie and now Courtney call him exclusively by the name boots. when he is in trouble, of course it is still Stephen to me, bur mostly he is boots.

So I don't know why it has taken me this long to notice how strange this name is. His name is a type of shoe. Last week this sent ace came out of my mouth "Natalie needs boots, and boots needs shoes." ya, that's strange. So tonight, minutes ago, I was thinking about him and his name, boots. It is sooo weird. It's like one of those words you don't think about too much bit when you do you think about it too much and then it becomes weird. 3 years it has taken me to realize it is sooo strange. But I think the name is here to stay. There is no changing that pattern.

Here's to my boots!!


Alysha said...

Haha I like it. Will gets called Wilbur all the time- that's the pig from Charlotte's Web. At least Boots is a shoe or monkey and not pig haha

Meagan said...

I love it! My brother David's son is Carter, but his older brother Benjamin just started calling him Coops one day and my dad sometimes introduces him (he's almost 2) to people as Coops! It is hilarious. We'll call him Cooper, Coops, Coop. Who knows! Benj also calls Brinley, Brin-lo. And that is pretty stuck sometimes. Kids are hilarious when they make up nicknames for people. He calls Ryan- Rhino. hahaha And he calls my Dad, Grampy-fie fie. NO ONE knows where that one came from!

Heather said...

For the first 2 years of Max's life, we all referred to his as Brother. Not sure why. Lucy was Sister, Max was brother. And one day it just changed and he became Max.

GrandmaK said...

I have a Bird for a son. He is 25 now and the name has stuck. Even suits him better than Brett.