Wednesday, December 21

Special Night

Brian, Nana, Grandad, and I took Natalie out for a night out. After trying many restaurants, we finally found one that was still open in this silly city. I swear good places to eat are so hard to find, especially coming from a place with HUNDREDS of yummy places. Anyway, we had some din and then headed out to the Ballet "Nutcracker".
Natalie coaxed Nana into buying her a little snow globe. It was instantly her favorite thing and she held it through the whole ballet. 3 hours later... So it has been a few days and the snow globe has been sitting next to Nana's bigger snow globes on display. Natalie picked it up and started running after boots for something last night and CRASH. It fell, it broke, and there were tears. I felt so sad for her. It was so special to her and now it was gone.
Anyway, she loved the ballet and we had a lot of fun taking her. It was my first ever ballet and I loved it too. Those people are so talented and strong! It is amazing.

Tonight Nana and Grandad took boots on a special date to the live Nativity pageant and he loved it. They came home saying that he asked a million questions but was an angel.

The kids love their one on one time! But more cousins got in today and we are having a lot of fun with a lot of people! The noise levels have gone up and so has the fun. We are just missing the rest of the family :(

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Alysha said...

how fun! How long are you here?