Monday, December 19

A New Era

I cant believe I am married to such an old man! Today was the big 30 for him. Really I'm kidding, 30 isn't old at all, but it is just crazy we have come to this time in our lives that we can put a 3 in front of our age. I guess I am still a little ways away.

So for his birthday, we had the surprise Christmas sweater party which was a HUGE success! He was surprised which was the goal! That was surprise #1... Then last night we celebrated with my parents and I gave him surprise #2. Many people helped me out putting together a special book for Brian. There were some wonderful words, stories, poems, and songs for such a wonderful man. Really he is so special and so loved by so many people! I just wanted to make sure he knew how much he is loved. Pretty sure that came across as he started to cry on page 1.

We just arrived at Nana and Grandads house and we cant wait to spend the holidays here. Love being around the snow, whether it is brown, white, or yellow! haha (boots learned all about the color of snow you can and can not eat). The kids have been outside everyday at least once, last night they even went for a late night sledding in the dark. They LOVED it.

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