Sunday, January 8

The gains and losses.

The first week home after the holidays has been bitter sweet.

Let's start off with the flu on the plane. Nothing like being squished in a smelly airplane bathroom trying to throw up quietly in a little airsickness/dirty diaper baggy. Woof. I was happy to get home and get a shower and get in my bed.

We had some friends come into town so it was something really fun to look forward to. They stayed only a day but we managed to squeeze in a Dallas maverick game and some yummy Mexican food. Can i just say, I am slightly obsessed with the fact that Chloe and Lamar are in Dallas. Like love it. I spent most of the game scanning for sassy brunettes and finally found the whereabouts of Kim and chloe kardashian. They were hundreds of feet away, but i could stop staring. I will now try to be out on the town more to maybe one day run into them. Ok, probably not, but I think they are kinda radical.

Today was boots first day of sunbeams at church and he did great, other than the fact that he was half undressed when we went to pick him up, Natalie said all the sunbeams "they be'd so good mom!". I can't believe he is so big. Well i say that, but after receiving a bubble gum machine for Christmas, I should probably not think so highly of his maturity. Today we found gum smeared and stuck all over his body, clothes, and couch. How is that possible? You are thinking. Just trust me, boots makes things happen you never thought possible.

We had a tragic loss this week. I was jumping for joy and waiting for this day for a long time, but the kids took it a little different. They all have blankets. Natalie had loved hers since she was about 1. She rubs is under her nose and between her fingers. It is soothing and she loves that thing so much. It does not cause much damage, but she relies in it to go to sleep. Boots has had his since he was born and I swear has love that thing since day one. He has one corner that he sucks. It is nasty. It smells like old mouth and old wetness. The sounds are gross and the blanket is just gross. He also has a little tasstle and a giraffe tag on it that he loves to twirl in his fingers. Kinda cute, again relies on it to go to sleep. We had them on a strict only sleeping schedule for these things, but they got to a point where I decided it just had to stop. I think it is moving boots teeth a bit, and I can't take his and not natalie's, so we decided to take them both. It's has been hard. Boots has shed many tears. Natalie has been awesome and has learned to deal. No tears( although there were tears over breaking her new snow globe last night) but tonight there was minimal inquiry about the said blankets. We had put them away and I told the kids they could have them back when they go to college. Natalie thought this was awesome. I don't think boots get it as tonight while going potty before bed, had a little tear in his eye and sadly looked up and asked "is it college yet mommy?" man, he melts my heart. I would give into him if Brian wasn't home. But I'm proud of those kids. Hey are doing great!

So now, Christmas stuff is put away, hustle and bustle are over and it is a new year. Time to throw away all my junky fudge and goodies laying around, and start my health kick. Tomorrow is Monday, which for me is the perfect start over date. Tomorrow I start fresh and new, get rid of those x amount of lbs gained over the holidays from eating and eating and eating. Back to get my kids reacquainted with the gyms play place and me with my treadmill. Ahhh, it's gonna be a good week!


Alysha said...

too cute that he asked if it was college yet. i'm glad they're doing well without them though. sorry to hear you were sick on the way home. hope you're feeling better.
and as soon as i read fudge my mouth started watering... mmmmm... sooo good! hahha

Becca said...

i love khloe and lamar!!!! hahahahaha bryce and i may or may not watch that show every sunday.