Thursday, December 29

Hustle and Bustle of joy

I cant post all my pictures so here is the second half of Christmas, first half to come...

Christmas day after church was filled with pictures, presents, playing with new toys, bells, Food, and Christmas Crackers. What a wonderful day to think about our Lord and Saviour. The program at church was a musical program, and the most beautiful one I have ever attended. It made my love and testimony of Jesus Christ grow.

The Girls took a night to go see Beauty and the Beast the off broadway. It was cute and the girls all had fun. Nat loved getting dressed up fancy and acting like a big girl! She also enjoyed her ice cream bar Nana bought her at the intermission to get her ready for the rest of the show. She was hard to stay focused.

A day trip to Banff for lunch, candy store, and of course the hot springs. They have an option to rent the vintage swim suits. Since we forgot our swim suits, Dad, Brian, My Brother Brian, Courtney, me, Lizzy, Caty, and Carleigh all rented the sweet suits out. I wish I got a picture of those boys sporting their skirted 1920's suits! Courtney had the funnest huge bath she has ever had, she didn't stop smiling the whole time!

We went out to the Ranch for a marshmallow and hotdog roasting bonfire yesterday and it was a blast. It was cold, at least for us North of the border-ers, so the babies stayed warm in the car after Courtney indulged in hotdogs and chocolate. The kids love going out to the Ranch, it is so beauitful out there.

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BrittanyB said...

You and your family really know how to party! That cousins Christmas picture is so cute ;)