Saturday, December 3

Easy Peasy

I took the kids to see Santa at the mall this week and the kids had a lot of fun. I was kind of disappointed in the Santa though. He didn't ask their name, or take much time with them. I didn't want pictures because I wanted them to be used to him and happy for a picture, so it was just a visit, and I feel like since we were just a visit, he wasn't into it. His breathe stunk. Anyway, it was short and I felt rushed. Natalie was really curious afterwards too "Mom, was that the real Santa?" I said yes, but I am now seeing that I have to be ready to explain that each Santa we see is just a helped, because she is beginning to think that everyone gets their own Santa Clause, because they all kinda look different. haha She is a smart cookie!

Anyway, when asked what they want for Christmas this year, Natalie has a list that could be miles long. She has a few top items that if she is good, she will get.
Boots, on the other hand, is asking for 2 things 1. a candy cane he can eat and 2. chocolate coins. EASY! We have candy canes on our tree and he gets in trouble if he touches and breaks and eats them (which happens often) so all he really wants is one that he can just eat. Done.

Courtney is quickly becoming the cutest little one year old I have ever met. She has a huge belly that is always full of food. She is learning like crazy! She knows where her belly button is, ears, head, eyes(kinda - she can say Eye and point to mine), nose, mouth, and toes. She can say woof woof and MEOW, which is the cutest sound ever! She says Daddy, Momma, Boots(bbbbb), Nani, Nana, Food(fbfbfbf), please(eeeeeeEEE!!), Drink(Diii), ya, Cheese(Chhee), and nap. She gives SWEET SWEET kisses to everyone, sweet cuddles and hugs, waves to all she sees, and blows kisses around like they are air. She LOVES the ABC's and will "sing" along. "A O A A E A O A A" and hold the leapfrog fridge thing that sings, to her ear like a telephone and walk around the house singing. She is seriously Winnie the Pooh. With the belly and the waddle. OH she is just adorable! Love that girl!

We also took the kids to a beautiful nativity display at one of our churches here. We talked to the kids about what they were and they loved it. Boots didn't get it and kept touching what he couldn't touch, and making uncle garrett(the live Joseph) laugh. Natalie and I walked around for about a half an hour looking at all of the different Nativity exhibits that they had on display. There was over 700 on display, everything from one made out of rice, chocolate, cupcakes, a dog nativity, and ones from different countries all around the world. It was beautiful and very neat for Natalie to see it and talk about it. What a wonderful time of year this is when we can think about our Saviours birth. My sadness around this time of year is that I cant participate or watch the Calgary West Stake do the Handels Messiah performance. That is my holiday favorite.

I am also proud to say that my children have perfect teeth.He made some comment about how good I am at brushing my kids teeth... Oh if he only knew the truth. They must have really good genetic teeth from Brian's side. They have no problems, good spacing, did everything the dentist asked of them and walked away with some sweet prizes. Seriously, Natalie got her teeth cleaned, polished, and fluoride, and didn't budge! IF you live in the area and are looking for a good pediatric dentist, LET ME KNOW and you can go to ours. HE IS AWESOME! I mean he got Natalie and that is hard to do!! Good news for her, bad news for me... She has 2 loose teeth. The tooth fairy is coming which is cool, but my little girl is growing up which is not cool.


Meagan said...

I know we need to take Brinley to the dentist but I am so afraid to take her! I need Ryan there for the first visit!

Little Courtney is adoooorable!! she is getting SOO big. I don't know why but I still see her as a little baby but seeing that picture with her standing shocked me! She is growing up so fast!

Lynne said...

Hi!! I miss you guys so much!! I wish I could have seen them with Santa!! So cute, and I can not believe how big Courtney is either!! Wow! I hope she remembers me !!