Tuesday, August 30

Just a tear

Today was a big day for me.

It was the first day of the rest of what our life will be full of - growing up.

Natalie is 4 and since her birthday is in October she just missed the cut off for kindergarten. So all of her friends headed off to elementary school, and Natalie headed off to pre-school this morning. She went to sleep smiling last night asking for a story about school. She woke up smiling and was so giddy! We got a new backpack, and some new school shoes (kind of a pain that they need socks and closed toe shoes when we are a crock and sandal family!).

So we drove up, brave mom and all. She got out, I snapped a quick picture and then as she walked into the door with her teacher the water works came. I totally cried! My baby is growing up and there is no turning back.

It was kind of like that feeling when I was pregnant with her and it hit me, "you will never be alone again. You will never have your time to be selfish again. You now have another somebody that will depend on your for everything." I was kinda scared then that there was no turning back, and I am a little scared now. She will only go to the next grade and get older and older. AH!

THEN I started to think about when she is a teenager and the things I will worry about. The things that will keep me up at night, like "why isn't she home yet? Why does she think she can wear that? who is that boy?"etc. and decided that I LOVE to be woken up by bad dreams and wet beds. I would much rather deal with that then staying up all night worrying.

I AM SCARED FOR HER TO GROW UP! I know everyone says it happens way too fast, but when you are living it everyday and are tired and worn out, it is hard to remember to cherish the moments we have.

While Natalie was at school, we decided to head to the mall for some TLC with the other kids. It is supposed to be Court's nap time but it just wasn't gonna work out today. 2 of the cousins started pre-school today too so we met up with them and we played, Carousel-ed, shopped, and they did awesome. We had fun, but I couldn't wait to pick up Natalie and hear about her day. She was excited to tell me that she got to be the leader to go outside and that she got to go to the bathroom. She didn't give me much else. Why am I expecting a play by play of the whole day of a 4 year old?

This last weekend Brian and I had the chance to go to the Temple. It was beautiful and wonderful and it is always a great few hours. We went with some friends and luckily I brought my camera for a little photo op.

Brian made me laugh in this picture because after he saw it he said "I totally look like a professional athlete. Look how tall I look! Its like you were walking around the temple and saw me and said 'wow! There is that pro-athlete, I need a picture with him!'" haha

Then off to Uncle Julios, one of the best Mexican places to eat, our opinion. It was as good as melty frothed garlicy Mexican butter, guacamole, and homemade tortillas can be. AWESOME! Ending the night having friends come over for late late night of games like Settlers of Catan is always right up my alley. I'm a gamer, total gamer.

So having an emotional day today. Hopefully nothing else unexpected or "grownup" happens because I don't know if I can take it! Here's to losing my babies to the world of adults.


BrittanyB said...

Sometimes you want to look at your little girl and see you in her, but when I think of the teenage years I hope I don't see me at all!!!

Lynne said...

Cute pictures of first day of school! And I love your long skirt too. Is that the one you bought the other day?

Heather said...

You are too cute! I still haven't called you back! I'm glad Nat had a good first day. And tell Brian he totally looks like a professional athlete and he Rocks that bowtie! Haha!

Anna@Exasperation said...

Big day for everyone! Man. Such cuties.

Meagan said...

Oh my gosh! I totally got emotional about Brin going to nursery. I am a lost cause when it comes to her starting pre-k and kindergarten. I guess the idea of her being with OTHER people weirds me out a bit. Especially weird when people tell me stories about her and what they did. I'm like no..I'm her mom. I'm supposed to do that!! But, I don't think I'm the home schooling type...so I guess I gotta deal :-)

That maxi skirt is beautifulllllllll! and that story about your hubs made me laugh so hard! I love your fam so much! ahhh wish we could hang and vent and cry together about all our weird things in life!!

Sara said...

OK i am laughing so hard.Brian freakin kills me. why does he look so tall? is he like THAT tall? hahahahhahha i love it. oh my gosh, your skirt is gorgeous. and sad day for mom, but Nat looks beautiful and so excited and happy.

tell brian if I saw him on the temple grounds I would ask to take a picture with him :)

Proud Momma said...

So much fun, I remember when Drew started his first day...crazy! I also hate how much they are growin gup though:( I tell them daily to stop growing up!

Sara said...

I noticed there is another Sara on here so I'll have to sign my comments "Sara O." Anyway, Lawson started pre-k too. You're a good mom! I didn't even shed a tiny tear. :) I was probably more excited about school than he was! lol. But your post did make me want to cry a little! ;)