Thursday, August 11

fresh and clean

I just mopped my kitchen floor. This is one of my all time favorite chores to do. Not because it is fun to do, cause it isn't, but because the result is awesome. I love to have a clean kitchen floor. With 3 kids you get scrambled eggs, juice, cheese, liquid iron supplement, pee, milk, crumbs, and every other sticky substance you can think of on your floor(in one day, thank you yesterday). So to sweep and mop is dreamy on my toes! I just cant stand to walk into the kitchen and have my feet literally stick to the floor. woof.

Courtney hasn't been feeling 100% this week and it is hard on me. When you are used to a baby being completely happy all the time, it sucks having her be grumpy and sad and clingy. So after sleeping for 6 hours worth of naps the other day and sleeping in till 11 yesterday she has been a little bit better to be around. Her appetite is back which is good. She had gained 4 lbs while we were in Canada so I dont want her to lose the chunk we have worked so hard for her to have!

Speaking of Canada, here is another instalment of pictures. We went fishing at my Dad's friends place out in the middle of nowhere. It was beautiful and fresh and clean. Thanks to boots for throwing his cup and orange peels in the clean pond, we can always count on you to spice it up boots! The kids loved it, although we didn't catch any fish, we tried really hard.

When we were just chillin at my padres place, we were usually in the backyard. We were building forts, exploring with the explorers club, suntanning(which I couldn't do in a bathing suit because I was too cold, so sad for me), eating, breaking up water fights and just normal fights, or scootering around.

ALSO TOO, We had some dark clouds and thunder outside this afternoon. We have been praying and praying for rain. Natalie looked outside and said "Jesus does hear our prayers momma." Sadly it was just a teaser and it never rained. We will have to pray harder I guess. The clouds made it drop to around 100 today and I hate to say it, but it was really quite pleasant!

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Anna@Exasperation said...

It was awesome today! I was sad it didn't rain, too.
Your summer trip looks so heavenly!

p.s. My kitchen floor just looked up at me, from under all the crap covering it, and told me it was jealous of your kitchen floor.