Tuesday, August 9

Longer please

I need to just blog all of my pictures from Canada so I can get back to today blogging, but there are soo many pictures and fun things we did!
We had Lots of cuddles, reading with grandad, daily bubble baths, Caloway Park, and girls nights outs. Ahhhh I am still missing it! I was there for a month and it still could have been longer!

But back home now we are settled back in and I felt like we were thrown full throttle back to life. The kids both started swim lessons yesterday, Natalie was really excited since her teachers name is Ariel. Who better to take lessons from right?! I don't know what it is but in the last week since we have been home, she has taught herself to swim. She can now swim about 10 feet underwater all by herself! At the beginning of the summer this girl would SCREAM if she was out in the water above her waist. LEAPS AND BOUNDS PEOPLE!

Natalie also is getting bumped up in gymnastics. She already got bumped up to the next level but last week at class, they pulled me aside and asked if they could show another coach what Natalie can do. I mean she cant do anything crazy but her skill and form is really good. So this week she starts with "hot shots" which is like the gymnastics team (well pre-team.) and I am just so excited about it. Make fun of the proud momma all you want BUT PLEASE I am sooo far from being a toddlers and tiara's crazy mom. I am just proud, not pushy! haha go Nat!

Brian and I are BACK on the work out and eating good train. Seems like we are constantly making stops! But we are back on and feeling good. I seemed to have stopped running after my half marathon and I really want to get back to it so I can do another race this fall. We will see if it happens though, it is just sooo crappy to run here in the heat. And I wont do it, so there is only so far I can run at the gym! To go along with this though comes healthy cooking and I have an all time favorite meal that is so low in calories. CHICKEN TACOS. OHHHHHH YUM! But I struggle to find a lot of change in the meals and cooking, any healthy recipes to share with me?!


Wiseguys said...

glad you are home and had a great time in Canada. We need to get together when I get back! That's awesome that Natalie is doing so well in gymnastics. It's good to be proud of your kids and their talents! There's nothing wrong with that at all :)

Abby said...

That's awesome Natalie is doing so well in gymnastics!
Those pictures are so cute.. I love the ones of your dad reading to them. So sweet.
I have been wanting t get together with you, but wanted you to give you time to get adjusted being back home. Ha. Thanks so much for coming over today to give us birthday treats. You guys are always so thoughtful and sweet.
Maybe we could do the pool at your place or ours? Let me know.

Alysha said...

way to go Natalie!! How was Wicked? I wanted to see that SOO bad.

emblair said...

I'm not surprised about Natalie. I noticed the other day how crazy strong she is. You should be proud of her!