Thursday, September 1

Sock thief

It wont cool down. I am running out of ideas of things to do that keep us cool. I also have been putting off riding bikes till it was at least under 100 degrees, but that isn't happening any time soon. So I finally decided to take the kids down the street to the elementary school parking lot to ride their bikes the other day. It was 105 outside but I brought a cool treat, hoping that would keep them happy. WRONG. This "riding" (walking and whining) lasted 30 seconds and they were onto their snack and the park. They got their bikes a few months ago but haven't had any time to practice riding them because of the heat!

When I first moved here, I thought it was impossible to not wear shorts in the summer here. Now I wear jeans all summer long. I feel crazy putting on hot jeans in this weather, but seriously, I get so bored of summer clothes! I cant wait for fall to come and I can wear boots and jackets and long sleeves! Really, I shouldn't complain though. I love Texas and I do love that it is so warm most of the time. It makes the pool more fun and it makes winter so enjoyable! This summer is just brutal.

I have been trying to be a better hands on mom lately too. I didn't want to waste away the days with laundry and cleaning and doing things that don't allow me any time with the kids. So we have been crafting A LOT lately. I have a hard time finding new and exciting crafts though, any ideas?
SPEAKING of laundry... Mondays are my cleaning day and laundry day. I get most everything done and then take another day or so to get the folding done. I never ever get out the ironing though, just add to the pile. I also throw all of the unmatched socks into the same basket. It has been probably about a year since I took the socks out and ironed. But last night I got in the mood. I did all the ironing and realized that Brian has a lot of nice shirts and Natalie and Courtney have a ton of church dresses. I just forget all about them when they sit in the ironing pile. So I dump the socks out and I seriously folded like 40 pairs of socks. What really confuses me is the unmatched socks. I swear that the washer or dryer eats them. I don't really see any other reason why there should be THIS many socks without a mate. The worst is when they are really cute socks and you only washed them once and then BAM, there is only one coming out of the wash. I will solve that mystery one day.


Meagan said...

SO true on the sock thing. Baby socks are the cutest!! I've been using a delicates bag I got at Walmart for cheeeeap to put Brinley's socks. She wears socks to bed so I put them in the bag in the morning and when I was it, throw the bag in, and all the socks have a partner! I only wear socks now whenI work out, and hoenstly, I wouldn't mind one going missing so I could get some nice white clean socks!

I heard today that August was the HOTTEST summer in HISTORYYYYYY! So I guess all my complaining wasn't wasted. It really was h-o-t! In a month, we should really be feeling a nice 80-85 degrees here which is a BEAUTIFUL fall if you ask me. People here are soooo funny when they complain about the hard winters here in Florida. hahahaha when you experience a Canada or rexburg will die. No joke!

emblair said...

Finally someone feels the same way I do about summer clothes. I despise them. Seriously. But I sweat like a pig in the heat, so I have to either put up with them or put up with being super stinky adn sticky. Ugh.

I got a pair of maternity jeans in the mail the other day though, and I'm just dying to pull out the jeans, boots, and jackets. I think everyone looks nicer and more pulled together in winter clothes anyway. I swear, people forget how to dress in the summertime!

Kristen @ {K Leigh Ford} said...

I am constantly wearing scarves. Sounds just as crazy as wearing those jeans, but I can't stop! I just want it to be cooler too!
And that little Courtney is so cute! And getting so big!!

jayme said...

So today is the first day in like 3 weeks that we haven't been under a heat warning in my town. I think it is still 110 out. I am so over summer and summer clothes!!