Monday, August 1

31 days

31 Days of over 100 degree weather while we were gone for all of it. What stinks is this week it is supposed to be up to 110 all week. It was 109 today and even the pool was too hot. Walking into church on Sunday through the parking lot Natalie started to cry and said "I hate Texas Mommy!" So here we are back in the heat.
We just got back from another fabulous trip to Canada. It was beautiful and great company. My Sister and her kids were there the whole time we were and of course we got to spend the whole month at my Mom and Dad's place. July weather there is perfect and we just went went went the whole time. I have HUNDREDS of pictures so I will split it up into a few posts but we basically just laughed, ate and had a lot of fun!
Love ya Mom and Dad and thanks for such a fun month.

Mom got the funnest bouncy castle for the backyard and one rainy day we foolishly decided to bring it inside, it was fun but totally a mad house!

These two had a love/hate relationship the whole trip. They were best friends and then worst enemies. Lots of pushing, fighting, pony playing, movie watching, Nana hogging, ipad fighting, and lets not forget lots of love! We are determined to make them best friends. We all know they really love eachother.

Now there is something I HATE about Canada Summer, the mosquitoes. We don't have them down here like they do there. Check out Drew's bite one night. THEY WERE MASSIVE!

THE BEST PART of the whole trip is that NONE of us got sick of each other (although we all had our bout of prolonged sicknesses) and we cant wait to do it again soon! LOVES!


jmjordan said...

Yay! I've been eagerly awaiting pics. So fun to get to spend so much time with family. You guys are so cute!

aidanjordan said...

(Sorry, I always forget to make sure Jeremy has signed out before I comment.)

Alysha said...

sooo fun!! can't wait to see the rest of the pics. sad i missed you

BrittanyB said...

wow, a whole month! I was wondering where you've been. Glad you had such a great trip ;) It's hot here too, and the kids aren't crying about it, but I am!

Wiseguys said...

How fun! I'm so glad you had somewhere to escape to.

Meagan said...

FUn trip!!!!!!! Love your family!

It has been bloody hot here but not 109!!!!!! I can't even imagine. YUCK. The humidity here is so insane I can barely handle it.