Tuesday, August 23

Stay cool

I still have pictures from Canada to post, but I figured with trying to get caught up on those pictures, I was getting behind with my month here back home. SOO here goes the marathon post of what we have been doing since being home in the heat over 100 degrees everyday.
Little miss Courtney is 11 months old and she is more curious than my other kids. I thought Stephen was bad but she is into everything. When we are in the kitchen, she is opening every cupboard and pulling everything out. Same goes for any and every room in the house. She is so busy. She is standing and walking around furniture but not walking by herself yet. Im ok with that. She is the happiest little thing to have in our home though and we love her SO MUCH! I cant believe she is about to be 1!

Natalie has turned into the little fish of the family. We go to the pool almost every day and she can now front float, back float, and swim about 15 feet by herself. She wears herself out every day swimming around for hours. The girl doesn't nap ever, but one day I went to go find her and there she was sleeping in her bathing suit in bed.

On the weekend we went to a hot air balloon festival. The balloons all took off at 7 am and to get there for that I would have had to wake the kids up at 530, that was not happening. So we went a little later in the morning and we all were sweating so bad. There is another one in a few weeks that I think we will make it to. Brian was golfing and Kathleen was working so Eric and I brought all the kids. It was slightly awkward. haha

Later that day I had a feather party. Kathleen came over and did feather hair extensions for a ton of me and my friends (and all the way down to Natalie's friends!) It was really fun and the food looked really good. Most of it was eaten by the time I made my way there. I hate that!

Finally, Yesterday was the kids last day of swim lessons. Natalie and Stephen have been doing them for the last 2 weeks and seriously, best 120 bucks I have spent this summer. It was so worth it as they are both swimming my themselves. I actually do not worry about them at all! So earlier that day we had some practice time at our pool with cousin Avree. Boots doesn't need a life jacket but he sure loves his shark one!

WHY are my kids always teasing each other...or teasing me and testing my patience. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!

Onto swim lessons... They loved their teachers!

Gramma, papa and uncle garrett came for support to the last lesson and afterward we went for some yogurt. This was my dinner and my bowl was sooo full of goodness. Thanks to the strep throat I am so pleased to have right now. Loved the nice thick shot my tushy got the other day too. Yes I am still sore and still not eating food. :(

LASTLY...BOOTS! He is nuts. We have decided to let his hair grow a little this summer and see how it goes. He loves it, I love it, and I think it will stay a little longer. He is such a funny little man. I wish I had a better memory to remember all of the funny things he does and says, THATS were daily blogging would be(and will be) awesome. I am getting there.


Anna@Exasperation said...

SO sad we missed the swim stuff:( But glad they're doing so well. We've GOT to get together and swim pronto! This weekend maybe??
Sorry for being such a mess this afternoon. You rock for taking care of my girls like that.

lynne said...

So love those darling kids! Can't even tell you how much I miss them:(

Emily S said...

I cannot believe how much your kids have grown! They're adorable :)