Sunday, August 21


Once again, I cant limit my pictures enough. There were hundreds to post, but I chose a few. I don't like to limit to a couple because when I go to make my blog book I want all of my pictures in there!
So I know there are a lot of posts from Canada and there is one more biggie from our sailing trip that will come soon, maybe today, maybe not. But this one sums up the rest of the trip other than that.
Well we celebrated my little man's birthday there. He turned 3 and I cant believe he is that old already! He is truly such a joy and blessing to have in our home. He has this low kind of raspy little voice that makes everything that comes out of his mouth that much cuter. Tonight he was watching football on the TV in our room, in hopes he would just fall asleep. We went in to check on him and at first glance thought he was asleep until we heard him singing "buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don't care if I..." and he looked up and noticed we were there watching, then he laid back down and finished his song. He is so sweet.
He gives the sweetest kisses and boots hugs, is so kind and generous with his sisters, still loves to love his blanky(ew, he sucks and rubs it raw. its nasty), he is very active and is always going going going, he asks for a nap everyday, he takes hours to eat a meal and 30 min to chew one bite(no joke), he loves books, he loves to make everyone laugh, and he is just suck a joy to have in our home. I wouldn't be who I am without his spirit in my home. Love you dude.

So he wanted a pirate party so he got to color pirate faces on all of the balloons, and after dinner we did a treasure hunt and then a pinata. HE LOVED IT ALL!

We had fun every day and every night. I feel like we never are not engaged in either a good serious talk or a good silly something! This night it was silly for sure. *someone* took out their extensions and everyone wanted a turn.

EVERYONE took their turns being sick and laying around. I don't know how many bottles of kids Tylenol and Advil we went through, but A LOT! 104 fevers, puking, and a lot of laying around. It was gross and I'm glad its over!

Like I said, the kids loves books right now and while we were there he wanted me to read this to him at least 3 times a day. At night if we couldn't find it he would just recite it to me or I would to him. He LOVES the very hungry caterpillar. So for his birthday he got a lot of really fun good books that he now has as his favorites!

We took a trip to Banff, which turned out to be a slight waist as kids were either sickly, or tired and we couldn't do anything but eat lunch, see the waterfalls, and stop at the candy store. It is so gorgeous out there though. It was worth it!


BrittanyB said...

I swear our boys were supposed to be twins because they are like the same person. Everything you were saying down to the taking hours to eat a meal is just like Sam. We need to arrange for them to be roomates in the future.

Alysha said...

Happy Birthday Boots! Sorry to hear everyone got so sick. Otherwise sounds like a blast.

Proud Momma said...

thanks for those nasty photos of me...I can always rely on you for that!