Thursday, July 29

Another year more beautiful

The skies here in Canada are beautiful all the time. I love to sit and watch them change. The other night, my Beautiful mother had her birthday and these were some of the changes over the few minutes.

Mom shared her wonderful edible bouquet with us, apparently I am not the only one who LOVES choc covered strawberries!

Happy birthday to my Bestie! thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

OK now onto a PET PEEVE!

I don't understand some people.

We were out somewhere today at a place where they sell all sorts of "naughty" foods. I love to eat naughty, and it is rare that I feel bad about it. I also feed my kids this food and when I do, again I do not feel bad about it. Well you could choose from the buttered popcorn, the churros, the ice cream, the mini donuts, french fries, and the list goes on.

When I do, and did, eat some of this food I do it with pride. I don't care what the Jane next to me thinks of me. Same as when I give some to my kids, who cares right?

So my pet peeve: I see another woman eating something naughty, and feeding her kids something naughty, no big deal. UNTIL she says to her 12 month old (as though she knows what her mom is talking about) "Here sweety, mum is giving you the worst thing the book says. greasy, fried, with all sorts of bad things in it." she then glances up at me and starts making excuses as to why she is feeding her kid this and why she herself is eating this. WHO CARES. Take some pride in indulging lady! And your kids is fine, she is not going to have anything bad happen to her because you are sharing this. and most of all, I DON'T CARE! Don't act like I care, because I don't. Just eat your food. I am sorry you feel guilty, and if you feel that bad about it, don't eat it.

Well today I enjoyed popcorn, donuts, and fries. All of which my kiddo's enjoyed just as much! Thank you Calaway Park. The only thing they were missing that I would have eaten was a funnel cake.

ps. my moms cat Sasha has killed 3 little birds right in front of my kids since we have been here, they sure have learned alot about death and "planting" the birds as natalie calls it. Sasha, I dont like you.


emblair said...

Gorgeous sunset and skies. Again, jealous. :) And MJ has been asking me literally every day when she can play with Natalie (and get her pink hat back...probably a major driving force). But still, when are you guys coming home?!?

Emma and John said...

Looks like you are having so much fun in Canada! You know I love hanging out with you because I never feel guilty about what we eat- as long as it's delicious who cares? Haha...miss you guys!

jayme said...

O.k now I am hungry :)

abby and paxton said...

Haha, you crack me up. It's so hard to pass up fries, donuts, ice cream, and funnel cake esp when you're pregnant. Yum!
Now when are you coming home? We need to use up my free pass for the pool!

Proud Momma said...

Hey I just remembered I didn't comment on your blog! Don't you think people are lacking in the comments lately? Nobody has commented on mine except you! I love you! Wish we could hang out today:(