Sunday, August 1


Boots and Nana had some one on one time picking weeds yesterday. For some reason he just played right by her, if that was me, he would have run for sure.

In about an hour we are heading out to the sailboat for the week. I really hope that the kids do well and don't fall off, and especially that I don't have my baby!! Dad brought all the necessary tools in case for some crazy reason I do.
Brian is already waiting for us out there and we can not wait to see him! 2.5 weeks was too long!


joana said...

wow a sailboat! pretty fancy:) have fun, i hope you don't have your baby either! (although i can't wait to see what that little cutie is going to look like!)

aidanjordan said...

I hope he's got an epidural packed in there! Have fun!