Tuesday, July 6

She is so Patriotic

I am heading off to girls camp in the morning for the week and so I thought I would blog real fast about our Fourth of July before I go MIA for the week. ALSO please let me come back alive and well! AHHHH!!! Texas Heat!

So Fourth... there are a lot of cities that do their events of Saturday instead of on Sunday. I appreciate this! So we went to KABOOM town in Addison and it was so much fun. Again, we had VIP tickets which means so much free fun stuff!!

Natalie learned how to put her hand on her "heart" for the National Anthem.
Best family shot possible. why are kids soooo difficult?!
Our VIP guests! Thank you for coming E K and A!
These two were super scared of the fireworks when they started then got SUPER into them! Av looks so much bigger than Boots! He is really 3 months older!
Nat got cozy to watch the show!
They supposedly have one of the best firework shows in the Nation! It was really good!

Rained all day up until the show started!
While we waited for the show to start there was some marching music playing. Natalie is such a cheeser and just marched around with her marching face on!
Everything is "Momma, take a picture of this!" "Momma, Take of picture of me doing this!" This particular one was "Momma, take a picture of me with this Cudicorn (unicorn)"
Oh there were these HUGE mangos there that were SO Delicious. I got so messy eating mine, but it was so worth it. Juicy and delish.

Anyway, Sunday was low key over at the Fam's house with some yummy food and good hanging out. THEN To make the weekend even better Kat, Anna, Tori and I went and saw Eclipse again (for the *cough cough* 3 time) and it was as good as the first!! I love it.
Well Happy July! Wish me luck at Girls camp, and if you missed the post below it is our fun trip to Utah!


Alysha said...

have fun on girls' camp! I can't believe you're going while prego! good for you. i love fireworks and haven't seen any in ages. those look like they were awesome!

Meagan M said...

You guys have been sooo busy lately! Sounds like fun though! I love Natalies marching face - she's hilarious! Have fun at girls camp...hopefully you survive!

jayme said...

Cute pictures! Have fun at Girls Camp.