Friday, July 16

Our Love

I am so lucky. I live near my 2 sis in laws and we are all pregnant together. Kathleen(floral) is due in a week, Anna in 2 weeks and me...2 months :( Yes i am Huge. We all, including our mother in law, went to our favorite love ECLIPSE together and of course, loved it for the 3rd time.

Preggies. We thought it would be so fun to be pregnant together, NOT the case. We ended up just complaining together. I am in Canada now for a month and i am so sad to miss BOTH births. And now I will be alone in my pregnancy pain when I get home. Ah, good luck ladies!

camp pictures to come... good news of the week, I am barely Alive.


emblair said...

Awww, you girlies all look so cute! Maybe a little uncomfortable, but still cute. ;)

Bummer to hear you guys are in Canada...Molly's been asking all week if she can play with Natalie. You'll have to give us a call when you get home.

Meagan Cooper said...

I love that you are all prego together, that is so fun! You look adorable jballs, I am coming to calgary next week with hill, if we can fit in her car. Let's get together if you are still there!!!!!!!!

Alysha said...

That's awesome you're all preggo together. That would be fun!
I love that you've seen Eclipse 3 times!! hahahha that's awesome. I need to convince Jimmy to go with me...

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

You look amazing girl!

I can't wait to see you guys in Calgary!!!

Proud Momma said...

Very cute guys all look amazing! I know you ate your heart out with popcorn too! One question though...what the crap are you doing with that ginormous purse at the movies? Please tell me you were sneaking some treats in...or maybe a blanket since you get so cold? ;)
Love you and miss you so!