Sunday, July 4

1/3 of the time

I have always wanted to take a last minute road trip somewhere and last week we did it. We decided to go to Utah, partly for the Johnson Family reunion and partly for selfish reasons.

We dont stop at night because the kids always sleep so well and so we drove 19 hours there and 19 hours home, straight through. Brian like to complain that he drove most of the way and he is sooo tired, which I understand, BUT I drove for at least 1/3 of the time. This was hard for me because I always feel like he should drive the whole way. And note to self; never ever take a road trip of this distance when I am this far along pregnant again. BLAH!

First stop for Breakfast, somewhere in ZZZZZZZ snoring New Mexico. Natalie got an awesome Burger King Eclipse Crown and if you look close at her bracelet, she also got a sweet "bella from Eclipse" charm bracelet. Thank you Burger King!

Next stop was in Pleasant Grove. Our good friends John and Emma live there and we had so much fun, even for the short time we were there. No mishaps with sharpies and nothing broke, which is a huge improvement from our last trips! We had so much fun seeing them. Emma was good motivation to work out, she is due in like 3 weeks and works out hard everyday! We ate out at lots of yum places, of course Cafe Rio among them. Now on that note, I went 3 times and sadly, not one was perfect. Cafe Rio #1. got home and spilt ALL of my dressing all over the floor. ARG! Cafe Rio #2: Got home and They didnt put rice in it. ARG! Cafe Rio #3: I got it on the way out of town and they didn't give me a fork. There wasn't a gas station for 2 hours. :( Thank you Bear Lake.
ANyway, aside from that pitty party... we went to a fun carnival in PG area and the kids had so much fun! Brian got to go up 90 feet in the fire truck. SCARY! They sprayed the water down onto all the kids! It was really fun!

Then off to Cheesecake factory where we got to see Ryan and Jill and their adorable Lexi! Love you guys!

So I opted out of the Midnight showing, which I already had my ticket and T shirt ready for in Dallas... but I decided I was WAY too exhausted and I knew I would fall asleep or be super sick. So Emma and I went the next day to the noon showing. LOVED IT. LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. In fact, we went the next day up in Logan, this time Brian and I. He also loved it! Ahhh Love.
OK then off to the REUNION. Here the kids are sporting their new reunion t shirts back at the hotel for the night. The kids were SO excited to be in a hotel room! It was ridiculous really. They wouldnt fall asleep until like 11 that night. Stephen gets out of a crib AND pack and play now so we are fighting that beast. In the hotel, he did really well sleeping with Brian though. He has like a magic power over our children!!
Chillin in the Utah grass! 95 degrees is alot better in Utah than Texas. Nat LOVED it. Boots on the other hand got some kind of bite... And it wont go away. :(

They had fun getting to know some of their distant cousins. Natalie fit right in with the girls, except for her lack of hair.

My last dose of CAFE RIO. Im hungry just looking back at it. DROOL.
On the way home we got caught in some STAND STILL traffic for 2 hours on the freeway in Wyoming. There was NOTHING around and we were stuck. So to make the most of it, we decided to have a photo off. So between letting the kids play around, we tried to take some fun pics...
My shots:

Brians Shots:
(this one obviously was later on the road passing Rawlins CO.)

And what Natalie did while she was bored? Sticker face.
As I was back driving again in the early hours of morning, I couldn't help but LOVE the Texas skies and sunrise. Man we were all so tired but it feels so good to be home. Just in time to celebrate the 4th (that update to come) and get ready for Girls camp this week. Lets hope I dont die!!


Meagan Cooper said...

wow, go girl... I am impressed, I can't even drive the 3 hours to utah when I am preg, TOO uncomfortable.... You are SO adorable with that belly. I miss you!

Proud Momma said...

Ah girls camp! I forgot you were going! You are going to be SO ready to have this baby when it's time after having such a busy summer. Hopefully when you get back in August you can kick your feet up and relax!

Alysha said...

Jenny! I love your little belly! You look great. I've never had Cafe Rio, but I want it just from you talking about it hahha. Wasn't Eclipse great?? Definitely the best of the 3 and makes me SO excited for the next ones!

BrittanyB said...

you are one crazy pregnant lady! I loved Eclipse too ;) Good luck with cmp!

Emma and John said...

I'm glad you guys got back ok- it looked like such a fun family reunion! That seriously stinks about Cafe Rio- next time you come, we will go by ourselves and make it perfect. :) Hope you have a great girls camp! The girls better like those nametags...