Tuesday, July 20

Always be my baby

If there is a silly kid, it is this one. He cracks us up every day!

Today was his birthday and my little man is 2. That means I now have a 2 and a 3 year old, and that is crazy to think about.

He just seems like such a baby still, it is hard to believe we will have another baby around in a few weeks.

He is talking SO much. I always know which songs are his favorite on the radio "MOM! MOM! Favorite Song!" or if they aren't loud enough "HEAR IT, HEAR IT!". If he doesn't like something he is eating it is very clear "MOM! LIKE IT!" (Notice the caps, that is because everything is said in an urgent yell) Tonight we went to Toy story (super cute) and on the way Natalie fell asleep. Boots immediately looked over and started yelling "WAKE UP NANI! WAKE UP NANI!" He did the same thing last night as he was opening presents and grandad fell sleep on the couch. After every present he would run over and yell at him to WAKE UP! Anyway, he is just a silly little boy who makes me happy every day. My life would not be complete without his sweet sweet spirit. Happy Birthday Buddy, we love you so much!

First thing in the morning, he helped me make his cake.

I tried my hand at carving and decorating a cake without any instructions. McQueen is his fav, and I think it turned out pretty cute!

hearing us sing to him made him SO happy! I love that little smile!

then presents... spoiled rotten! Thanks Nana and Grandad for the awesome party!

showing off his loot.



BrittanyB said...

That cake is amazing! How on earth do you do things like that!

Ciara said...

J, your cake is so awesome! Remember when we did that...for lee maybe? can't remember exactly. Took fOREVER! Your boy is so cute. LOve that I get to catch up and visit you every so often. love you J!

Alysha said...

happy birthday!! he's adorable! seriously him and will sound like twins. while you're here we should get together. you just let me know what your schedule is like :)

joana said...

he is the sweetest/cutest little boy! and way to go girl on those cake making skillz, it looks totally profesh!