Sunday, July 18


The Calgary stampede... yes it is dirty and there are lots of strange people there, BUT we went and had a great time. I could not cut back on pictures, I wanted Brian to see them all, and it is my blog so I like lots of pics!
We got to meet Dora, eat LOTS of good food(fried cheese, pineapple ice cream, MINI donuts, corn dogs, fries, more mini donuts), my shoe broke so we had to go on a hunt for new shoes while trying not to spend 200 on cowboy boots, face painting, did some rides, saw the livestock, rode the ctrain(which was super inconvenient) , and just got tired.

notice anything AWESOMELY funny about this pic?! haha

I really love to come to Calgary when everything is all Stampede-y. I just think I am always going to be a cowgirl at heart!
But Daddy, we miss you tons.


Lindsay said...

ha. I love the last picture, both your kids are SO cute! I love natalies pose in them! Fun pics.

YaYa said...

That looks like so much fun, and those two kids are just model precious!!! And yes I did notice the awesomely funny part of the pic (so Brian and Pax like)!!!!! You guys enjoy Canada!!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...


We died laughing. Funny though because Ryan saw the picture first and diiiiied. He can't wait to meet the famously humorous Jeni!!!

Proud Momma said...

Hilarious Nin! I laughed hard on that one! hahahahhahahahah

Cute outfit on Nan! How fun though!