Sunday, July 25

True love

This weekend was tiring...
Of course cookie making...mmmm I just love the dough really!
Grandad got his little dingy all set up to bring out to the sailboat next week and so we took it out on a test run on Ghost lake for a bit. The kids Loved it! There were hundreds of boats out, kinda a crazy gong show.

So today we celebrate my parents 35th anniversary! Lucky them to have 3 whiny kids around, (nat boots and me). But what a wonderful couple to mold a marriage after! I dont know of a couple, other than Brian and I, who work so well together and just fit perfectly! But happy 35 guys! Love you both so much.


Alysha said...

happy anniversary to your parents. wow 35 years! that's awesome!

Proud Momma said...

What about me and Sean??? hee hee