Wednesday, April 8

Crown of thorns

I was talking to Courtney about Easter and what happened to Jesus. We talked about the crown of thorns that was placed on his head. 
We tried to explain what is was and what it might have felt like. 
She started to think about it and finally asked if it was like an apple cutter. She explained how an apple cutter would hurt if it was driven into your head. I love how her little mind totally made sense of that. She is a very smart girl. I love her so much and love to hear her talk to me about stuff and come up with questions. 

This Easter was wonderful. It was general conference. We were able to start our Saturday off with a 9 mile run together and have a great chat. Then we watched conference. On Sunday we went to an egg hunt and lunch at Rawlins and had a lot of fun. 
What a wonderful day to remember the savior a sacrifice for us. 
Mom sent the kids a box of chocolate covers strawberries and they were divine!!!! Sad we couldn't be with mom and dad for Easter and conference. Maybe next time. 
Monday we spent the evening at Libbys and had Easter dinner there. 
I had to document this outfit choice of his... On Saturday they had been playing dress up and he wanted to keep on his pirate costume cause it was so comfortable. Hahaha it is a size 2. Whatever dude. I'm pretty sure he has it on again right now!

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