Sunday, March 29


Nothing worse than a nurse from school calling and leaving a message that your kid got hurt at recess. Last time this happened Natalie had broken her arm. This time it was in st. Patrick's  day and she got run into and face planted in the ground. 

She was bloody and scratched up. The worst part was the next morning when her eye was swollen almost shut. She was in a lot of pain. I hate to see my children in pain. I know I've talked about this before but it makes me think about all the times that I was hurt and my mom stood by my side. The one that stands out the most was when I got my appendix out, well first of first and then I have to get it removed. It was so painful and I remember my mom by my side crying with me. 

Then that same week boots- his tooth had been loose all spring break but he wanted to wait until he was at school to lose his tooth because he wanted to be able to go to the nurse and get the cute little container they let you put it to thin if you lose it at school. So he waited and waited with a very very very loose tooth. The first Monday back to school after spring break he came home with his tooth in a little treasure box and so excited. He looks adorable with a tooth less smile. Natalie also lost one of her molars and so they both left their teeth under their pillow for the tooth fairy to come. They also both left notes, Natalie's note asked that the tooth fairy please leave her tooth behind and bring her money. Boots left a note that asked if the tooth fairy would take the tooth but leave the little container that it was sitting in. Love that they wanted to leave notes for her.

Brains training has been coming along. Yesterday he went for the longest bike ride he's ever been on. He rode for 70 miles. Two weeks ago he went to go play basketball, which for the record I told him not to do so he wouldn't get hurt. When he walked in the door that night after basketball he had ice packs up a shirt and was in a lot of pain. He said he got slammed by someone in the ribs and that he was in a lot of pain. Sean checked him out and gave them x-rays to make sure that his ribs were not broken. They were just really badly bruised. Here we are almost 3 weeks later and he still struggling in pain. Last night he had to sleep on the couch sitting up because it hurts so bad. Hopefully the pain goes away and does not interfere with the rest of the stream. His race is in just under seven weeks and we can't wait to go check it out and cheer him on.
This week at school Courtney had a little trike a thon and they got to ride their bike around the track for 30 minutes. On the very first round on the track the teacher were showing them where to go and Courtney was the second person in line but stopped at the refreshment station where she spent majority of her time during the race. 
She stopped for lemonade on every other  time around. The other times she flew so faster on the corners but everybody thought she was going to Biff and crash. She had a lot of fun.

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Alysha said...

Was it church ball? Jimmy wrecked his ankle playing church ball and has been limping for over 4 MONTHS! Turkey won't get it looked at :(
Love the toothless grin. Too cute.