Thursday, April 16

Sticky situation

Yesterday we went up to the stake center to get a temple recommend interviews so that we can start going to the temple again. They have been expired for about a month. 
While we were there I let the kids walk around the church a little bit and they were going in and out of rooms. I didn't think of anything that could go "wrong" but I guess I failed to talk to them about one basic thing. 

When it was time to go we got in the car and started to drive home when I noticed that Courtney had a piece of gum that she was chewing. I do not give my kids him because I know that it doesn't stay in their mouth. 
When I asked her where she got it from she told me she bought it from somebody's bag at the church. On further investigation I learned that the kids decided to go through somebody else's bag at the church and take them. I had to explain to Courtney that this was called stealing. I'm pretty sure one of the other kids instigated it but she was the one that actually took the gum. 

By the time we got home it was 9 o'clock and ready for bed so we set the kids up to go to the bathroom and put on pajamas. For whatever reason I must've missed another mother moment. 

When she woke up this morning she had a giant wad of gum matted to her hair. She had fallen asleep chewing her gum and of course it fell out and got stuck in her hair. That's not the best way to start my morning and I immediately thought that we were going to have to cut her hair into a short little pixie cut. She started to cry thinking that her hair was going to look like dads. 

On the way to school Natalie got really upset and told me that she was really sorry and she felt like it was her fault because she was the one that found the gum in the purse. It was kind of nice that she took some ownership on that situation even though it really wasn't her fault.

Lesson learned, teach your kids about not stealing! Second lesson learned, peanut butter gets gum out of hair!


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BrittanyB said...

Oh, I've been there! Yay for peanut butter!