Friday, April 24

Deep in the heart of Texas

Boots had his 1st grade program tonight and it was on Texas. I looooved it! It was adorable and so Texas! Boots was one of the two Longhorns and he looked adorable. They sang several Texas songs and did the "Texas abc's". 
I have to say I am so proud to be Canadian but I am so proud to be a Texan. I like to think that I was meant to live here. I really love it and love that my kids will be raised here. one of my favorite lines from one of the songs was about how there are 47 states around Texas. Haha I love my boots!!


Aidan Jordan said...

Cutest cow I've ever seen!

Alysha said...

how adorable is he!! Every now and then I think I could make the move to Texas... I think if I had family there it would be easier? Maybe ;)