Monday, April 20

Selfie Sunday

Probably all of the ugliest selfie's ever but we have made it a habit with some of our friends, the Langston's, to send selfie's to each other on Sundays. We got separated from them in a ward split and are in different wards now. Basically we make it a thing to see who can send the best selfie's during church after church and before church to each other. Other than this beautiful picture of Natalie which I am posting because she's so beautiful and growing up so quickly, we take ugly selfies!

I taught my new class of 16 and 17-year-olds in Sunday school this last Sunday. It went great. I'm learning to deal with a couple use that are a little bit trouble but I think it will be good. For both of them and for me. I taught about discerning between truth and error. I didn't get to a lot of my stuff that I wanted to talk about but I was able to deceive them by making chocolate chip cookies with only salt and no sugar. They all took a big bite thinking they were delicious chocolate chip cookies. They were disgusting and many of them started to gag and needed to spit them out. I think one of them actually said "my throat is burning!". Haha I would call that a lesson learned and something that they will remember.

This last weekend was our stake youth conference as well. Even though I was released I was still asked to help with all the decorations. It was a family history theme and I think the whole weekend went so great. My decorations were so fun together put together and decorate and I think the kids actually thought it was pretty cool. I can't believe some of the unique antiques that I was able to gather up from people. Also put on a really fun photo booth! 
On Friday night Brian and Paxton started the whole thing off with 45 minutes of nothing less than Rawl/Hob banter. It was awesome. They were hilarious and so entertaining. They even made me cry! They are the silliest. 

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