Tuesday, April 14

Time flies

I can't believe five months have passed since sweet Poppy Anne has entered our home! She has already brought us so much joy, laughter, and sweet love into our home. Natalie is happier, Courtney is sweeter, Brian and I couldn't be better and boots is just the best big brother you could ever have!
With her weight struggles we have been in and out of the doctors office and the GI specialist as well. We have run many blood tests and urine tests as well as x-rays and they have not found anything so far. 
Today I went in for a weight check and she had dropped from 3.5% all the way down to 2.6%. Although she had gained .2 and was up at 12 pounds for the first time in her life. 
Luckily she is hitting all of the development milestones that she needs to and is happy as can be. I am not worried about her at all and I won't be until the doctors give me something to be worried about.

We had bring your own container day at 7-Eleven and the kids got to bring their very own container to fill up all the way with a Slurpie. They loved every second of it! The weather here has been beautiful and up into the 80s. I'm really anxious for the pools open so we can start sitting out and swimming.

On another note we have made some major budget cuts this week and I have dropped the girls out of gymnastics and have decided to not enroll Courtney and preschool next year. We have just been thinking a lot about what we should be doing with her money at this time in our lives and we have discovered better places to spend it. It's so hard to close those doors because I know it's so good for the kids to have that social interaction and learning, but it is so good for Brian and I to be able to budget better.

I know I mentioned this earlier that I got released from my stake young women's calling. I have had a really hard time and have been sad because I really love that calling. I have not held the word calling for about five years so the adjustment will be different. This last Sunday I finally got a calling and I will be teaching Sunday school to the 16 and 17-year-old youth. I am really excited but actually very nervous as these are the age of kids preparing to go on missions. I feel like it is one of the most important Sunday school classes to teach. Those kids need a lot of good meat and information. I hope I will be able to teach them what they need to hear at this time in their lives. Oddly enough after my dad was released a stake president he also got called into the same calling up in Calgary. 


Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

That little Poppy is SO CUTE!! I just love her smily face. She seems like such a happy, easy going baby. Perfect #4 baby!

I appreciate hearing that you and Brian have decided to cut back on the kids extra activities. I feel like everyone expects you to put your kids in multiple things at one time and if you're not, something is wrong with you. Gymnastics is just too much $$ and the coaches go crazy if you take time off or not commit to multiple days. Right now, doing the YMCA soccer is perfect enough. It's half the price, it's outside, and Brinley gets so much exercise when she plays. We will be taking the summer off of everything and that makes me so happy!

Anna@Exasperation said...

Okay, gum in the hair, AAAARGH! We haven't had that yet, but it would make me crazy. I'm glad you were able to get it out. And I know it's hard to take kids out of stuff. With homeschooling we totally have to walk that line all the time - totally understand the "should we or shouldn't we" debate. You're awesome. And it always feels so good to make/keep goals like that. Poppy is so cute it makes my eyes hurt. Yay for 12 pounds. She's always so happy and alert when I see her, I bet she's just going to be petite little thing. Love her. Congrats on the new calling. Perfect fit - you'll be so great. LOVE YOU!