Tuesday, April 21


I am so grateful to have a sister that lives so close. She is my best friend, my confidant, my go to, and pretty much my everything besides my husband. She is always there for me for everything from secrets to helping with my children. 

We read each other's thoughts, fish each other sentences, think the same things all the time, and lots of times where the same thing or put her hair in the same way. Here's a perfect example, we went out to dinner one night to cheesecake factory just her and I and when she came to pick me up we realized that we both had on a hat with a side braid.

I get sad when people aren't close with their siblings and specifically have a sister that they can be best friends with. I have been blessed with an awesome sister, brothers that I love, and sister-in-law's and brother-in-law's on both sides that I love. 
These two little babies are going to grab thinking that they're practically sisters anyway. Taylor and Natalie or three months apart and these two girls are the same. It's cute to see them go through the same stuff and start to be interested in each other.
Nana is in town and we have had so much fun hanging out with her. Wish she would just move down here already!

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