Thursday, January 31


A little while back my nice Cannon Rebel Lens shattered. I dont know, but it sucked because it was onto my point and shoot. I love my point and shoot, until it dropped and kinda broke. Then at Christmas I got an iphone, so this is the evolving of my pictures over the last year. Well I finally went in and got a new lens for my camera - therefor I have some semi better pictures again! I am no pro, and I dont even  really know how to use my camera, also I have no editing tools so they are just raw and how I take them. BUT they are so much better!!
So this last weekend, my sis needed to leave town with her hubs for a few days (4 nights) and so we had the kids come over here. We had 8 kids (9 on days I was nannying) with us and it was a jammed and loud house!! I dont know how moms do that many kids. It actually doesn't interest me in the least bit. If anything, this weekend reassured me that I am VERY happy with 3 kiddos!

 We played Tennis, parked, ate pizza, watched movies, did gymnastics, ate Mcdonalds, and had a lot of fun with everyone. I sure love my nieces and nephews! Brian does too, which is good considering I went to a different Ward Conference that day to teach and he had to sit alone for Sacrament mtg with all 8 kids! He is a hero.
Drew and Natalie were actually really good at Tennis. It was their first time, but they picked it up pretty quick and were fun to play with!

 THEN, Natalie lost another tooth. This makes 6 total. She is still missing her 2 fronts, and then bottom outside 2 as well. It is cute to hear her say certain words. She likes to sing and say "all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" and listen to the little whistle! She is so sweet.
Natalie was in Gymnastics a little while ago, probably 8/9 months now, and has really missed being in it. I got her all signed up at WOGA and she loved her first class last week. Cant wait to see her succeed some more and learn and grow. She has a real talent, which might sound silly considering she is 6, but really she is so good. We will see where it goes!


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

I'm dying for a new camera! Our point and shoot is 4+ yrs old which means its a dinosaur in technology. My iPhone takes great on the go pictures, but I would love a nice Nikon or canon someday! You're loving the dream having for sis live by you. I would love it if Brinley could see her cousins everyday!

aidanjordan said...

Yay! Which lens did you end up getting?

Libby said...

You are the best sissy around!!! Nat is crazy with all those teeth! Can't wait to see her perform some nastics!

Alysha said...

You're so good to watch all those kids! And I can't believe Natalie has lost so many teeth! Liv still hasn't lost a single one. We just got a Costa Vida in Airdrie and one's going in by my house as well. I hope it's good!