Wednesday, January 16

It's a good thing she's cute

Courtney is a very sweet little girl. She is rambunctious and loud and hilarious. Always making us smile and laugh at everything she does. Her goal in life is to get her brother and her sister to not be able to stop laughing. It works all the time and Brian and I always join in!

Related, yet unrelated, I have been trying to teach my children to help each other out. Boots is usually the first to give up anything he has to make his sisters happy. Natalie is usually horrible at helping her siblings. And Courtney she's just silly.

Tonight there was a moment that was so sweet to me. The kids were all coloring at the table and Brian and I were in our bedroom hanging some curtains on the windows. Courtney came in and was chatting like she often does. I saw a crayon on the ground and asked her to pick it up and bring it back to the kitchen table. I went on doing something else and forgot that I had asked her to do that. A moment later I noticed that she was vigorously coloring on something. When I looked up I saw that it was all over the door and all over the wall, bright purple crayon!!!! I yelled, I got upset, and then I sent her to her room. Her little tears melt my heart every time, and it's so hard for me to stay mad at her. In fact, I rarely get mad at her. I turned to explain to Brian what had happened when the kids came in and were curious about what the commotion was all about. We both nodded our heads and knew that the day would happen When one of my children what color all over one of our brand-new walls. I got even more frustrated when court turned around to run upstairs and she knocked over my ironing board and iron on her way. It fell to the ground and chipped my wood floors. I was even more frustrated.

Well I decided to go back into our bedroom and help Brian Finish the curtains. All of a sudden I saw Natalie and boots at the door to our bedroom. First they handed Courtney a paper towel and told her to start cleaning. I started to laugh. Courtney started to whimper at how difficult the task was, And realizing that it wasn't coming off. Natalie then showed up next to her with the Lysol wipes. She passed them out to herself and to boots, and they both started to clean the wall and the door. They worked for about five minutes, Side-by-side giggling and switching jobs. They didn't quite get it clean but they worked really hard. It was so sweet to see them pitch in for their baby sister Who didn't know any better. It softened my heart and made a very sweet story for the night.

I love my children. I love my sweet Courtney. I am learning that my children are more important than crayons on the wall. They are more important than hot irons falling on my floor. I have them in my home in my care and I am so blessed. I get to do fun things with them, teach them good things, listen to their prayers, Watch them sweetly interact with each other, and grow together as best friends.

We've had sharpie on microwaves, cupboards, friends walls, and even on faces. I've had melted crayons in cars I've had crayons on walls I've had pen and pencil on most any surface you can think of, And stickers on my car windows that won't come off. These things frustrate me so much, But do they really matter? The answer is no. I hate crayon on my wall but I love Courtney and that is more important. I quickly forgave her and gave her sweet kisses and hugs. Now just to buy that magic eraser!!


Lindz said...

You are such a good mom Jeni!!

spencer orton said...


maybe try GOOF OFF for the stickers on your car window.

spencer orton said...

its not spencer... its sara.

Meagan M said...

I would have been SO mad about the wood floor!!

But you're are more important than any of that! And you're clearly doing a great job parenting with those three to have them so willingly help each other out! What a sweet moment!

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

You taught me a lesson today girlfriend. These kids are far more important than the crazy (sometimes annoying) things they do. Brinley has her moments of doing things that really errrk me but I need to remember this! You are great!!