Monday, January 28

Another year wiser

My wonderful, amazing father was here at Christmas. His birthday was last week and we knew that we couldn't be with him for it, so we decided to throw him a small surprise party for his big day. He was shocked and after we all yelled surprise (and there were "60" signs everywhere) he still whispered to my mom "who is this for?" Haha i guess he's really 60!!

So the big surprise was a special book we put together for him. The goal was to get 60 letters of love and memories for him to read, I got 70. I was so impressed by all the help I got from those that love him. I already knew that he was an amazing man with so many accomplishments over the last 60 years. What I didn't know was how many more stories there were and impressions that have been made on other people. He is inspirational and has lived such an incredible 60, we can't wait to see the next 60!!

We had Brazilian food, a fabulous bundt cake, and some fun presents. It was a really fun party, and I'm so glad we could do it for him when we were with him. Even if it was 3 weeks early! Love you daddy-o!!


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Your dad is the best. Is that Nina girl standing?? She's getting so big!

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