Monday, January 21

Another Monday

Here we go, starting another week. Trying to squeeze in getting my normal day to day things done amongst all the other things I am doing that also have to be done. I don't see myself having time to cook this week, so I will go ahead and pass that on to someone else, thank you very much!  We plugged in the external hard drive and were watching family videos since we have been married. It was so fun to watch. Brian took the computer away from me though after a while because he said I was going to want to have another baby after watching ours.

There was some truth to that. My babies are some cute babies and I love to go back and think about how they were. My memory sucks and I already forget their sweet baby coo's and giggles. Their chubby cheeks and silly unstable walking. I have made 3 wonderful miracles who I love so very much and I am so blessed to have them. LIFE wouldn't be complete without them, that's for sure. HOWEVER, the thought of having another one makes me cringe. I know that my anxiety came on after I had Courtney. Not that it was her that brought it, cause it wasn't. But just having 3 little people around brought out craziness in my children, and made me a little on edge. I am JUST now learning how to handle my own feelings and anxiety. Maybe one day we would consider bringing another little one in, if that is in the plan... but for now I am just happy and overly content with who we have in our family.

It also helps to have sweet cousins around to come and play and hang out to fill voids I may feel. When Natalie goes off to school we always welcome our little visitors to come and be silly with us!

BIG News around here, The smarty pants Drew. He was in his school's spelling bee and he was determined to win. Well, win he did! It was so hard for me to not be so nervous and scared for each word. I found myself cheering inside when others got their words wrong, and thinking that it was rigged and he was getting the tough words that no one else was getting. I can see how Olympic parents must feel!! I remember laughing at the gymnasts mother for her antics.... I am so sorry I did that. She was just feeling what I am sure I was feeling! And he isn't my son, and it was a spelling bee!! haha Anyway soo exciting for this smart little nephew of mine! I love you Drewy! I could NOT have passed that Bee at all!! I also have to say, the national Spelling Bee on ESPN is one of my favorite things to watch on TV. I know there are a lot more Bee's he has to win to get there, but It would be awesome if he were to get there!!
So it snowed on Christmas and usually here it snows once a year, so I thought that was it! Last week I was SHOCKED to wake up to a white yard! Boots was in heaven and before breakfast, and actually forgoing breakfast, he stayed outside for hours playing in it. Maybe he was meant to live in Canada! Courtney joined him for about an hour, but she got chilly. I don't think he got cold once, just loved being out there. It melted that afternoon, which I am so glad because I really don't have the correct clothing and gear for all of my kids to be in the snow.

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Dan Miller said...

Ha ha I love that painting. You should do that professionally. You should just let the kids paint it and then if its ugly at least you dont have to claim it as your art work.