Saturday, January 5

Boots Man

I was giving Brian a hair cut this morning and I always do Boots at the same time. As the girls watched, they each decided they wanted their hair cut too. Natalie wanted bangs, and I added a very small trim since I have NO IDEA what I am doing when it come to girls hair. Last time she had bangs she hated every day of it, so I am hoping this is different because I think they are so cute on her. Courtney took some convincing, but she was sporting such a great mullet, that something needed to be done about that! Here are my 3 fresh faced beauties!!

Yesterday we had Char and Tay over for a princess day. We made crowns, had a tea party, did makeup and watched Cinderella. Boots was a good sport to be the one prince at the party. Yes he picking his nose in this picture, 87% of the time you can catch him doing this. The kid hates stuff in his nose, can you blame him? ha
Now, I have a boots-ism to share... He is very particular about a lot of things. One of which is his bed. He hates the flat sheet and insists that I leave it off, So he sleeps with a fitted sheet and then just his minky blanket over top. He also does everything in his bed, included is eating. Every morning he sneaks down to the kitchen and gets a snack and stashes it upstairs until he is allowed to come out of his room (8am he watches his alarm clock so closely and doesn't miss the instant it turns) but because of this, he gets grease marks and crumbs all over his bed. He also cries into his pillow and blows his nose on his pillow when he gets upset. Well it was disgusting the other day and I took the sheets off to change it. He was not happy about the new sheet I had put on his bed but let it slide...until he saw me change the pillowcase. He was ticked. I put him to bed and tossed the dirty ones in the bathroom hamper. Well I went to kiss him before I went to bed and looked in the bathroom first and saw the old fitted sheet laying on the floor...then I looked in his room and saw the new clean pillowcase on the floor, the old one back on the pillow. He was so insistent of what he wanted and he got it. I quickly washed the other stuff and put it back on his bed the next day so he wouldn't have another night without his favorite. haha it made Brian and I chuckle.  
I cant seem to get Les Miserable out of my head. I have been to the movie 3 times as of last night and I would see it again tonight if I could. It is by far my new favorite movie of all time. I have been singing the songs non stop, and have them playing around the house all the time. Why do I think that secretly I can sing like a Broadway musical performer? I cant. But even on the 3rd time, I bawled. I think I cried more the 3rd time actually. It is juts so moving! I wont go tonight, I will try to wait until it comes out on DVD, but it will be difficult!


Alysha Sladek said...

i can't believe you can keep him in bed until 8! we're lucky if the older four stay in bed til 6:30! ahhh what's the trick?
and les mis... saw it once. haven't stopped singing the songs since. so incredible!

aidanjordan said...

I felt dumb that I never cried once at the movie- I just cried about our dog! Lol! Actually, I had to keep from giggling too much when they sing "Master of the House" because all I could think about was George Costanza singing it on Seinfeld.

Libby said...


Dan Miller said...

I didnt read it but i looked at the pics. :) Hey sis.

Anna@Exasperation said...

I can't stop thinking about it either! Oh, Marius! He kills me when he sings Empty Chairs and Empty Tables. So sad!
We also love us some nasty blankets around here, as you well know. Sophia rubs hers on her nose while she's sucking her thumb and it's the grossest thing ever. It starts to smell (because she's always clutching the same corner in her sweaty hands - speaking of which, why are kids' hands always sweaty and nasty??? - and it makes it smell. GAG!) and she moans when I have to wash it all the time. Bah.
Let's hang out. I miss you:)