Friday, January 25

Gone bad

Sometimes I try to be crafty, but it just doesn't work. I love pretending like I'm artsy and creative and can do cool things. So I was looking for a new piece of artwork and didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on something new. I decided to take an old canvas that we had hanging in her old house and repaint it.

It started out with a classic gray coat. I thought it would be modern and trendy and cute... Then I made a turquise then a pink then the splattering started. It was fun until I stood back and realized it was hideous and straight out of 1982!
Then came the brush smears. "Ya! This will make it better!" Wrong. It was ugly. I was planning to start over and paint over it all with a brand new look.

I put It in the front closet to wait. The next day boots and Courtney decided that that was their new playroom. After swinging on the coatrack numerous times, he let go and landed right on the fabulously 80's painting hand painted by yours truly. Well bye bye! Looks like I will be buying something to hang!

You artsy people out there... Any tips?!


Heather said...

All I can say is this is hilarious and maybe belongs on one of those Pinterest Fail blogs. I laugh because I'm constantly trying to do things 'creatively' instead of spending the money and it never works for me either. Good luck!

Anna@Exasperation said...

The top picture rules! It's ALMOST as classy as my camoflage R that I still need to locate and give to you.

Kelly said...

Yes! Dying of laughter! Okay, I can relate...remember that old pink blob I was so proud of? Well, happily I found peace and now it's a bit more presentable. I ended up looking at other art and finding something simple that I could more or less copy. I am not crafty, I am a copy cat. My pink blob is now white with a big black square painted in the middle...and I like it!