Saturday, February 16

Doin and redoin

I just refinished a dresser for Natalie's room. It has been in the family since my great grandma(nana Anne) And I love having it in my home. But it needed a change to be in Natalie's room! The next part is on the down low, I have decided that next week I am going to do a bedroom makeover for Natalie while she is at school. She has no idea I'm doing it but I'm slowly collecting items to put in her room! I'm so excited and it will be so adorable!! I'm happy with how the dresser turned out! There is something about refinishing furniture that is so fulfilling to me.

Natalie had her 100th day of school last week and here everyone dresses up like they are 100 years old. I tried to make her hair turn gray but I didn't have baby powder so we used flour. It kind of worked. I love all the cute things that her school does here! In fact today is pajama day, Which is fun but I hate sending her out the door still in her pajamas!

Courtney continues to get into my make up all the time. I left my mascara in the car once a few days ago and she got in the car and put mascara all over her eyes. Then on Sunday I was getting everyone in the car for church, I ran back inside to grab my scriptures and when I came back out she had gotten the mascara again. Come on! Lucky for me I don't use waterproof mascara!!

As for the other pictures, That's what I like to call a Rawlins sandwich!! The little boy I watch didn't come until nine last week and we had a morning to just snuggle in bed. I loved every single second of it!! I'm pretty tired and worn out from watching another little body. But he is so good and fits in with her family, and he just learned how to say boots. But I think I need my space again!!

And this is just boots. He's always into something or doing something silly. He likes to do things with his eyes closed or blindfolded. Haha This particular day it was eat breakfast without looking. Goose.


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

I am dying over that picture of Natalie dressed as a grandma. SO CUTE!!

And girl, you have skills refinishing! The dresser looks amazing! Love the color and the distressed finish.

Alysha said...

LOOOOVE the dresser! SO cute and I can't wait to see what you do to her room. The granny pic is hilarious!