Wednesday, January 18

Hi Laundry

So when we got home from Canada, we came back and as I tried to throw in my first load of laundry, my washing machine malfunctioned. So we were about 2 weeks without a washer and poor courtney was wearing some teeny tiny outfits for her voluptious self. I love that girl. I also love that my washer is fixed and we have clean clothes again. Still working on the huge piles that accumulated over that time, but I am getting there.
The weather here is fab. I cant complain about our 50/60/70's given it was -30 something in Calgary today. We left at just the right time it sounds! We have been enjoying the park, the broken down trampoline in our brown backyard, and "riding" bikes. NAtalie loves it but boots has other things on his mind and on his agenda. That kid is too busy to even keep busy.

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Meagan said...

Your kids are so adorable.

The weather here is fab too!!!!

I forget that it is winter everywhere else!!