Tuesday, January 10

I'll never

I will never buy my kids gifts that are breakable and of any kind of significance. Like ever. I love to make them happy and get them things they love, but it is so hard when they turn around and break them... A few days later. Point in case;

First natalie's snow globe. It was adorable and musical and much more than Santa wanted to spend. First the snow globe it self was dropped and broken, on carpet. Ug! Then her wings somehow magically broke off. They were then glued on and then that night she came back out to me amputee without an arm. I'm tempted to throw it away but know that she loves it. I also know that she obviously can not be trusted with anything breakable and of worth.

Second was boots' gumball machine. Santa also decided to spend too much on this. Instead of just getting the plastic mini one from the dollar store, he got the real deal. Now HE didn't break it, but somehow it broke, and can no longer be used. Again, we have been home a week.

It's just frustrating to spend money on things that just get broken and thrown away. Lesson learned for future gifts. Go small or go home!


Meagan M said...

Oh I've totally learned that lesson a million times...ok I didn't LEARN it, but I've experienced it (Because I still buy them stuff that they don't need that get's broken). My kids are so sentimental too, I could see Hailey cherishing that broken arm FOREVER!!!

YaYa said...

I totally believe the kids that they didn't break their things.....we all that Brian is notorious for breaking things...that is where I would look first!!!!

Alysha said...