Monday, January 23

Take that Trash out

Look at this sweet sweet baby. She looks so peaceful. She IS so peaceful. Look at her grabbing her favorite blanky and shoving it into her little mouth, and sticking her fingers through any hole she can. Than girl LOVES her blanky. I just love her. And do you know why she was so peaceful? She couldn't hear what was going on in the rest of the chaotic house with her industrial fan on. Lucky her. Drown out the noise!

Then, I took the trash out. I dont do this as much as I should, and I realized this for 2 reasons today.

1. I dont take it out as much as I should for the obvious. The trashes just get too full too fast and they should be taken out more. I mean I am clean but somehow we accumulate so much trash in our little home, it is ridiculous.

2. When I shut the door behind me today while walking the trash bag to the dumpster, It hit me. It was so peaceful and quiet outside. I usually head right back in, but today I took a few minutes extra. I didn't care what crying, teasing, bugging, screaming, or whinning was going on inside at that moment. I didn't hear it! It was glorious!

I immediatly after coming inside and returning to the hot mess of inside the house, called Brian and just put it in his radar that someday soon, he should take me out on a date. No kids, no other couples, Just nice quiet adult time. We have been trying to be on a very strict budget this month, and that meant no date night outs... I have missed our weekly outing! So he gets home, gets a sitter, and off we went on a date. It was heavenly. I loved the sweet peace of adult time. My hubs is a winner! Oh, and that Creme Brule that I got was insanely good.

Just for kicks, this picture sums up Boots pretty good...

Gotta Love him.


BrittanyB said...

remember how bad the trash used to get in 308? I'm pretty sure we always tried to get one of the guys to take it out then too ;)

Alysha said...

wow you got a sitter easy and fast! i have to book at least a week in advance. not that we got out ever, so it doesn't matter, but still... lucky you! ;)
love the pic of Boots. hilarious! is he potty trained? will's KILLING ME hahaha

josh and jacqs said...

date night!! always well needed! Josh and i are in that newborn cant go anywhere without the baby mode and its so hard. I cant wait for him to be a little older and really go out for date night, instead of going out and still having to rock the baby while trying to eat(got to love it). I love the family night idea, so cute!!