Friday, January 20

Family Fun Friday

Another round of our Family movie night tonight and it was another hit! I was saving egg cartons this week, so what can ya make with Egg Cartons? CATERPILLARS!

So the birth of movie night - A Bugs Life!

We had tasty buggy food(spider sandwiches, bug ranch dip, Caterpillar cheese ball, ants on a log, worm ice cubes, dirt'n'worms) face painting of bugs, making egg carton caterpillars, *kind of cotton candy*, and a hunt for the food before the grasshoppers came!

The kids loved it. We had 2 other families over to make it more fun!

As another week comes to an end-ish, I make a sigh of relief. I have been so busy lately that it feels good to have a night to watch TV, or read, or just sit here and not move. I love to sit and not move. The bad of the weekend? We have been trying to lose a little weight and weekends we kinda take off. This is great until what we lose during the week is gained back on weekends. Ug. I suck. No, losing weight sucks.

BUT its the weekend so...


aidanjordan said...

Thanks again for having us!

aidanjordan said...

Thanks again for having us!

Meagan said...

That looks like a total blast!!! What a good idea!

I always over eat on the weekends and it is so obnoxious.

Proud Momma said...

would you just shut up about the weight gain? Just do great during the week and eat on the weekends, embrace it woman! You are so damn skinny anyways, just shut up! You don't know what being overweight is, trust me, count your blessings girl!
btw...what a fun mum you are! i suck

lynne said...

Very. Cute ideas and fun movie nights for the kids. It seems like a lot of work though!