Monday, January 31

From her mouth

We had the honor or having Natalie say our family prayer tonight. It was beautiful and totally made me cry.

Dear heavenly father,
Us grateful for momma and boots and momma and baby sister and boots. And us grateful for boots and daddy.
Us grateful for great grandma in the hospital that she will feel better and go home.
Us grateful for the bishop, and the prophet.
Us grateful for uncle Garrett.
Us grateful for boots that he will go on a mission and then find a girl.
And us grateful for my toy That it will grow.
Jesus Christ amen.

I love that girl. What sweet things that kids can think of.
Great grandma has been in the hospital. She had a heart attack and some other issues and has been there for just over a week. Today they were trying to get Her released. She is now being transferred to a different facility because she had a stroke today. We are praying for her and love her very much. So we hope she can come home soon.
On a much much happier and chubbier note, we decided to make cookies for a fun Sunday afternoon activity. WHY is that always so fun? And why is the dough always so stinking good? luckily the cookies didn't turn out, and I could throw them away, that is just not in keeping with my lose 10 lbs in 10 week goal. What I learned, AGAIN, while making them with the kids... My kids are so impatient, and they are not at all interested in helping, unless it involves sticking their fingers in the mixer, eating the choco chips, or eating the dough.


Kelly said...

oh man, my last comment sounded wrong...not bad pics of you...of all of us, so I picked one we all looked okay in...and you don't look bad anyway. As for cookies! aaahhh!

aidanjordan said...

Nat said a sweet prayer the other night for dinner too. (As did Boots and Shelby - they ALL wanted to say it!) Kid prayers are just so pure and sweet. They remind us nothing is too small or insignificant to talk to Heavenly Father about.

Proud Momma said...

cute prayer, but why is her toy needing to grow? Not enough toy for her? She should be praying for her hair to grow! Sweet thing:)

Are those cookie paddles?