Thursday, February 3


Texas is in the middle of the worst storm here of the last century, maybe longer. It has been between 10 and 25 degree F since tuesday along with a lot of ice. The roads are completely coated in ice. So at first I made fun of them for canceling schools and closing normal places, like stores at the mall, because of a little cold weather. Well I am now understanding. They do not have the tools and machines to handle it. No plows, no blowers, no salt, nothing. So the roads sit iced over until the sun melts it. So school is canceled for the 4th time tomorrow, and another day in the house for us I am sure. If it doesn't snow or ice over any more tonight we might venture out to do something fun, but it is horrible out there.

I was forced to go out last night and tonight. Forced by my legs. I just started my half marathon training on Monday, so I couldn't not run. It is impossible outside, so to the gym I must go. So that was great, but tonight when I left I couldn't help but have my own laugh attack. I saw 2 cars in the parking lot "trying" to do donuts. Here is what I have to say to the ding dongs in the hobby lobby parking lot tonight, you guys are morons. Those are not donuts. If you want to do one, do it the right way. You are just making large circles on ice. Ahh the wonderful things Canada taught me! I KNOW how to do a donut!

So we will see what fun activity we can think of tomorrow. We have done valentine crafts, cleaned the house WELL, and had. A lesson on the food groups. It was a lot more fun than it sounds. I let the kids spray and wipe stuff down, they loved it since they never are allowed to help but always want to, and the food stuff... It was fun trust me. But I am running out of ideas. I would be horrible at home school. Any fun ideas? I love crafts, but I am just not that crafty!

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Kelly said...

why did I totally use the FREEZING/COLD/ICY/UNBEARABLE weather yesterday as an excuse not to run...yikes! I'd better force myself out today...that is, if the gym is open!