Thursday, January 20

Fam Pics

The Rawlins Clan had some family pictures done right when Garrett got home from his mission in November. It took us a while to get our hands on them and now for me to blog them! But here they are and I love them. I will try to be positive about the things I hate about me in these pictures and just say I love them!

Man I have some cute kids. LOVE these 3!!

As for our week so far, we had to take a quick trip down to Houston for tooth issues. I had a lump form on my already being worked on tooth/gum. It was a blister, so to speak, and it popped. Then it popped again, and all day. Every time I smiled it would pop and puss would run down my teeth. It was the nastiest thing ever, and I am so glad that is over. So anyway, we are trying the next step in my tooth process and hope it works without complications! Those are all the Gorey details you need to know!

I feel like I have been going a million miles a minute with my calling at church. It is all good, but I am looking forward to a Sunday with my family in my own ward this week! The kids are both "graduated" into new classes, and I haven't been there to see it.

And for the kids, I have a headache. I think that explains it all pretty good.


Becca said...

you do have some cute kids! as for you, my cousin you are looking mighty fine yourself. fo reals.

Proud Momma said...

cute pics Jeni...they kick the socks off of me at your wedding! Luckily I don't ever have to see those again! Can you come over and put my kids to bed? They are driving me batty!

aidanjordan said...

Love the pics! The last one of the three kids is adorable.

I don't want to say I miss having a calling, because then I will get called to something like Relief Society teacher - blech. But I do miss feeling like there is more to me going to church other than wrangling a baby for 3 hours!