Monday, January 10

My dream

on my way to church yesterday it was raining, the rain slowly turned into ice. This freaks the people here in Texas out. People instantly start crawling the roads and going home for good. Scared to go out, unless they are getting their food supply ready, just in case it snows!
So while sitting in sacrament meeting, I left with Courtney to find it was SNOWING heavy. Big white snowflakes coming down everywhere! All the kids got stoked and ran out to touch it and feel it. This is soo not a reaction I am used to in Canada! But it was refreshingly cold, and beautiful! The only down side, is that I don't carry a scraper in my car so I had to use an empty water bottle to get the 4 inches of snow off my car when it was time to go home, also I didn't bring a coat. brrr.
My kids do "snow" angels on our kitchen floor all the time, so Nat couldn't wait to get all bundled up and go do a snow angel. "BUNDLED UP" here is also a word we don't know, I doubled up pajama bottoms, rubber boots, and they were out the door. Lucky we had toques and gloves!Boots didn't like the cold for more than 5 minutes. After the snowman was done, and he ate his face off, he was ready to go back inside.

I have been trying to revamp my living room without spending a TON of money on it. We have gotten a new Lamp, rearranged some things, and gotten some new art work. My dream would be to do a WHITE living room, but I know that shouldn't happen for a while with Mr. Boots running around wild (especially since I was JUST cleaning up blue marker). So for now, my small changes are all I need. So this wall by my front entry was one I have been thinking about a lot. I have decided to do a letter wall, and I.LOVE.IT. I will continue to collect R's so if you ever see something cute and different, let me know!
On the weekend we got to celebrate Justin's birthday with he and Andrea. The cake she got was AWESOME. For those of you that live in my area, Jenny Layne Cakes is the place, not only are they ADORABLE AND DELICIOUS, but they are totally affordable. Love Love Love it. Happy Birthday J!

The kids LOVE surprises, so the other day when I was getting out a movie for them, I thought I would capture what they do all day, close their eyes to be surprised by something! I chose hunchback and they were not happy. haha. picky picky kiddos.
MOM, I know I am suffering from 3rd child syndrome(not getting enough pictures of her). So I am trying to do better. She may not be looking, but at least you can see how long she is getting. She is sleeping soundly through the night like an angel, and NEVER cries. My stress levels are starting to go down, but for some reason that anxiety is still here, so I am hoping it goes away soon. Maybe it is Natalie new found love for temper Tantrums, the ones that make she think she is a teenager with doors slamming, toys and clothes flying around, kicking, screaming, and calling me very inappropriate things! So maybe that will go away with my anxiety one of these days!


Alysha said...

I can't believe how much snow you got!

Becca said...

so fun! we got about fifteen minutes of snow in Az two weeks ago! Not so much to play in but at least we had it! hahaha, oh and I totally bought that pink striped coat last week. Old Navy?

lynne said...

Those are cure pictures of the kiddos. That lat one of Courtney totally looks like Boots! Now you know why I hardy have any pictures of you as a baby:)

Wiseguys said...

I LOVED the snow. It was so wonderful. I am so sick of hot winters. Seriously. I hate being hot and I'm sick of it being hot in Texas all the time. Ugh!

Ryan and Meagan said...


Funny that Jill, only 2 hours away, didn't get ANYTHING!!!! Crazy. My parents have been shut down in Charlotte for the past 2 days, and us in Florida just got some "chillier...50's" degree on us!