Sunday, January 16


I am really trying hard to not let a whole week go by without a post, but it sometimes is really hard! I was talking to mom tonight about things I want to get my kids into when they are a little older and I got to feeling really busy, I have 3 kids right now but only one of them is "in" anything. I already feel crazy busy. I guess you grow with your kids right?!
All week we have been very normal, with dance, Courtney's 4 month appointment, boots being crazy, cleaning, laundry, and a bonus this week... I cooked dinner 4 whole nights! That is big!

As for Court, she is growing good! 14 lbs and 72% for weight, 96% for height, and in the 40's for head. I don't really care about these, but just for my record purposes! She is darling and just so alert and attentive! She laughs at us all day and is always smiling. I did try to start getting her on a bottle this week, and she would not have it. I will have to work on that. Bottle tips? I need some!

On the way home from Church Natalie was asking for green Eggs and ham, so Brian made it for them and they loved it. Honestly though, it looked sick. No offense HUn, I know you are a great cook, BUT green eggs? Woof.

One of my favorite things about Courtney is her ability to sleep all the time. She falls asleep eating, and stays asleep until I change her diaper, she sleeps while playing, and just loves her sleep! I love it.

Here's to another week ahead of us, more tooth drama for me, boots' followup foot apt at the ortho, dance and more cleaning and laundry, and MAYBE some cooking... we will see how I feel.
As for my fitness area of life, I have been really sticking to my goal of working out more days than not this year. I am at 9 days out of 16. I am winning! I am excited to train for a half marathon. I used to do triathlons, and they were so much fun. I did about a dozen back before Brian and I got married, but I got into life here and out of that kind of life. I haven't ridden my bike since November of 2004. So So sad. So I am getting back into racing, and with 3 kids, I am going to have to start with Running. So in 12 weeks, maybe it is 11 now, Anna, Kathleen and I are doing a half marathon and we are all super excited!! I figure that is really good motivation to kick this last weight that will not come off my booty. I already wasn't at a good weight when I got pregnant with Courtney, so I just have more to battle.
I guess making cupcakes today didn't help that much!


lynne said...

Oh she is so sweet and has she ever changed!! Love that picture of boots in the tub too!

Emma and John said...

I was just thinking today that it has been years since I last got on a bike. I miss it! Good luck on your half- we're doing one in October. And, I've tried three different types of bottles for JB, and the only one he will take is the Avent brand. My other kids weren't picky, but he refuses to drink from any other kind!

Proud Momma said...

Cute pics of Court...sweety pie! Those eggs do look nasty...but the bacon looks yummy!
Miss u

Chi-townRawlins said...

Bah. You look amazing! But I'm excited to do our half together! Yay!