Sunday, January 30

The half

Brian, his brother chase, and his friends Jake and brad ran a half marathon yesterday! I am so proud of Him for training and taking the time to do it right, even though he said he could do it without training. So they did it, Brian finished in 2;18 and we were all there to cheer him on.

"cheer! Cheer!" is what boots yelled as they all passed and I told him to cheer for dad!
Now I am onto my 10 week official training for my half marathon in April.


Alysha said...

that's awesome!! and good for you for doing it too. I can't even begin to imagine training. GOOD LUCK!

lynne said...

Contests Brian! Great accomplishment!

Kelly said...

oh your pics are my pants get any tighter? and as for my mavs pic....they were all bad, I just chose the best of the worst :)

Stacey Salmon said...

My training begins tomorrow...ahhhh, I am getting really nervous.