Saturday, January 8

2 months later


Here is our trip to Hawaii. It started out the week before me with Lib & Sean, Mom & Dad, and Robyn and her kids. The next week it was supposed to be a Miller girls trip, but it ended up just being Courtney, me, Mom, and Libby. We went to Kauai and had so much fun. It was a beautiful island! I have been to Maui, Hawaii, and Oahu before and they really dont compare to this island! Courtney was an angel, sleeping and eating... Not much crying at all. It rained a few days and Lib and I went out in the ocean during. That was kinda cool to be out there and see and feel the rain all around you. But what a fun week we had together.

We saw waterfalls, lighthouses, wet and dry caves, blow holes, and the most beautiful scenery ever! Chickens and cats run around wild there and they were everywhere. There was one corner where I swear there were at least 40 cats. It was pretty sad.

Funky Hair all week, pina coladas, and lots of sun made for TOO MANY LAUGH ATTACKS, as always with us.

Lets start it off with Courtney accomplishing "stiff as a gun" -2 months old.


Wiseguys said...

Fun! I want to go back to Hawaii.... it's so beautiful! that's awesome that you got to go on a girls' trip.

Proud Momma said...

Delete the last picture...sick - love you

Alysha said...


Ryan and Meagan said...

Those pics are HILARIOUS.

Um, hot bod mamas!!!!!

Can I come next time??