Friday, August 6

On a Boat

To be back on flat, not rocking ground is so nice! Although when I close my eyes I still feel like I am on a boat.

We had an awesome week out at my Dads Boat in the Vancouver islands and I love it out there so much. The winds were not in our favor but the sun was, and I LOVED it!

We were a little worried about the kids doing OK on the boat, and they did radical. They adjusted to life jackets and playing on a boat real fast. It was like a giant playhouse for Natalie, and boots naps were phenomenal!

My favorite thing boots did this whole trip was learn a little terminology. SHROUDS was the word of the week and I had no idea he knew what they were. (They are the wires on the sides holding up the mast) anyway, he is on his way to bed one night and out of his mouth I hear "Night Shrouds." It was adorable!

My highlight was not having the baby at sea, although Dad did come prepared with everything we would need just in case! And each night we made a plan of where we would go and what we would do.

And yes, again A LOT of pictures!

That is Brian way up at the top of the 5 story tall mast.

And then jumping off half way into the water. You can never just jump with him, it has to be off of something or into something not normal.
34 weeks. that's all you get for now of this hugey!

the boys went and dropped the crab traps one night. Pulling up the crab traps, we found the first one completely empty. The second trap, however, was filled with goodies. 8 large eatable crabs, a 17 legged star fish, and a half eaten up shark. Very cool.

AHOY! Boots loved waving and yelling HELLO at all of the passing boats!

So now we are back in Calgary for a few days, just in time to discover that I need some major dental work. UGH. Way to stress me out right now. Talk about inducing labor. I am seriously stressing. i just have to take a deep breath and hurry home to Texas, because once I am home I don't care what happens because my Dr will be there, as well as my hospital!


Proud Momma said...

Looks like so much fun you guys! I Love those crocs...very cute! Natalie is such a poser I love it.

Ciara said...

this is an amazing post. i love your boat trips, and since i don't think i'll ever be lucky enough to sail, i'll live vicariously through you! also, you should just wait to get all your dental work done through lyle (oh wait, that could take a WHILE!). beautiful photos...

Kristen said...

LOVE your pictures! That looks like such a fun trip! and 34 weeks! You're almost there! How exciting! I hope you guys are all doing great. :)

joana said...

A-dorable! how fun i'm totally jealous!

Meagan M said...

I am so completely jealous!! In the best possible way of course. Looks like you had so much fun on the boat - your kids are so cute - and those pictures are the best!

Rach said...

Looks like so much fun- and I can't believe how big everyone is getting! Sooo cute- and from the little I could see in the pic of your belly, you look awesome! :-) I can't wait to hear about her arrival.