Saturday, August 21

Welcome to the family

She is beautiful.
11 lbs
24 inches
No name as of yet.

Isn't she just a beauty? Lucky for me this is not our baby but another addition. We were so excited for the delivery man to deliver it, and now the long wait is over!

We love you!

Side blender note,
1. This is not just a blender. This is a life style change. That's what Brian told the delivery man.
2. Our blender was stollen in our move 4 years ago and we have been trying to find a replacement since then.
3. Enter blendtec. We will never be blendless again! It is worth the wait and every penny spent!


BrittanyB said...

okay, the picture took a little while to load and I about died when I saw the 11 lbs. I was feeling so bad for you for a second ;)

lynne said...

at first I thought that yhou got a dog or something, then the picture appeared! Ha! Looks nice and I like the red!

Becca said...

HAHAHA I thought your baby was 11 lbs too! whew. Congrats on the new addition ;)

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Oh my gosh the pic wasn't coming up and I was freaking out! My cousin Jeni had her baby and it was 11 pounds!!!! hahahaha and then the pic came up. I was thinking I thought she had a few more weeks to go!!! lol you're silly and that isn't nice doing that when you really are DUE soon!

Alysha said...

hahha congrats!

Meagan M said...

Ohhh...awesome - and so funny too! I love that you strayed from the vitamix craze!! You'll have to update on how you like it once you've had it a while. I'm in the market for a real blender, so I need advice!

p.s. Ben's sisters fam is going to med school on St. Eustasias (spelling?) it's right beside St Maarten. Where is your brother going?