Friday, August 27

21 days

Out of the hospital... Really it was no big deal. I am fine and baby is still packed tightly away in belly for who knows how long. Technically there are 21 days till I'm due. I will take matters into my own hands in 7-10 days from now.

Stinky thing about baby three... No baby shower. This means we have to make all purchases, and my husband does not like to spend money!

So I have been making some purchases this time around with baby #3. first our monitor broke, so I just bought a new one. We got a camera one with Natalie and it has ruined any other kind for us. So I ordered another one. I love them.

Then we were debating on a new car seat cover or just getting a new car seat... We got a new car seat. Better. Cuter.

I just ordered the fabric to make the crib skirt, which I am super excited about! But I need help with something...

The baby will be in natalies old room which is flowers and butterflies. I had this awesome idea for some tulle above the crib, like a swag or something and then I got these cute little nylon butterflies to put in the tulle. But as I got to thinking about this, I don't know how I would do the tulle or what color or even if it would look cute. I am all doubty and stuff! Any ideas of how this could be cute? Or another idea of what to do with butterflies? I have about 8 of them in different bright colors.opinions please!

The other opinion I need is that of a bouncer/swing. We had a swing for nat. She loved it. Boots didn't, so we sold it.
I want something to put the baby in, so what do you prefer bouncer or swing? And why why why?


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

I like the bouncer chair. We got one as a gift for Brin, and of course we used it and didn't get a swing. We used that sucker all the way until she was starting solids. It was her first high chair too!

I loved it because it was so light and could break down and I could put her anywhere in the apt (in the bathroom if I was showering, in the kitchen, at the computer desk...). The swing is so bulky ya know? And the bouncers are usually wayy cheap too.

We have one similar to this:

We never even put batteries in the part that plays music and vibrates?? haha so maybe when baby #2 comes we'll be more proactive!

As for the tulle, no idea. it could be cute as a bed skirt, but I'm not sure with the mattress being raised up? I mean the point of tulle is to be fluff and crazy, not matted down and controlled. Can you put the butterflies on the wall or would they not stick?

Stephanie said...

Bouncer. P didn't like the swing so we sold it and got a bouncer...loved it. M loved it as well. They are easier to move and smaller than a swing and usually cheaper.

lynne said...

21days!! I'll be ib BC by 11:30 tomorrow morning and will call you then. Please don't have this baby until at least the 8th!!

aidanjordan said...

I think it's more about what the baby prefers. We have a bouncy and a swing, and neither Shelby nor Joey liked the swing. Shelby really didn't like the bouncy either, but Joey loved to sleep in it at first.

aidanjordan said...

P.S. Check out this mobile:

Heather said...

I'm all about the bouncy chair. It's portable, so I can bring the baby into the kitchen when I'm cooking, into the bathroom when I'm showering, etc. And it doesn't take up a tonne of space.

Proud Momma said...

def the bouncy chair...I have a sweet one from Bo Bebe

Chi-townRawlins said...

I do love my swing, but it's big and takes up space in my small house. So I'd vote bouncer if I had to choose. You can move it from room to room with you, too. Big plus.
Please don't have the baby until the 6th because I want you to go to Logans with us. Oh, and the baby blessing, too. But no one loves Logans rolls like you:)
love you!!! Can't wait to see baby girl!

The Adamson's said...

I have 2 swings, the take along swing and the big swing. I prefer the small one and so does both my kids so i say go with the swing that is small and portable.

emblair said...

So my question is...who says you can't have a baby shower with #3?! You know we all want an excuse to have a party and leave the kids with the dads. And buy cute little girly outfits for your new little one. Seriously. I've just been waiting because I figured you'd have one. So if no one has offered, we're planning one. Cause you deserve a party! And I'm not kidding. :)